Types of Kids Sportswear

Sports are very important activities for the human body, especially in young ones as their bodies are rapidly growing. For this reason, the type of sportswear they put on is very important. Sportswear is a specific clothing designed for sports activities.

Kids’ sportswear needs to be attractive to the eye, thus containing bright colors that impress kids. What’s more, they should also have features and functions that enhance a child’s performance in a particular sport. And you know what?

The clothing should be comfortable enough not to bring more harm than good to the child’s body. Sporting activities occupy a very large percentage of a child’s life; therefore, comfort is paramount. Kids’ sportswear can be categorized into various types according to their purposes.

Football wear

Football wear is a collection of several kits, including shirts, shorts, socks, and sometimes jackets and tracksuits. Since football is all about teamwork, the jerseys need to be uniform for every team player, and the design should be aesthetic. Football jerseys have been designed over time to provide maximum comfort for the player and perform exceptionally.

That has been made possible by the use of polymer materials, especially polyesters. Football wear is very light and thin. Without a doubt, having to run around having warm heavy attire is a huge setback to the player’s performance. The jersey also requires a high strength that prevents them from getting easily ripped.

Competitive swimwear

Competitive swimwear includes all clothing and equipment used in water sports. Mostly, swimsuits are designed for swimming competitions. However, special bodysuits are created for special activities like diving. The suits are tailored from a material called spandex.

Swimsuits are created to enhance an athlete’s performance. The tight fit suits minimize friction and drag inside the water, thus enhancing the performer’s forward motion. They allow easy movement and a reduction in muscle vibration.

Bicycling clothing

Most kids love and would wish to possess bicycles. Bicycling has social as well as physical benefits to kids. Clothing for cycling includes; bike shorts, bike jersey, bike socks, and gloves. All these are designed specifically to promote the safety and comfortability of the cyclist.

According to the weather, a kid needs guidance on putting on the right clothing for cycling. On hotter days, a cyclist should go for light and bright-colored clothing. Light clothing allows cool air to flow through easily; thus, no heat is held.

On the other hand, bright colors reflect away sunlight. Most bike shorts are made from Lycra, which is a very breathable and stretchy fabric. To avoid blisters, a cyclist should choose socks made of nylon. (axlnivy.no)


Running is a very popular type of sport. Anyone can run, and the health benefits of running are numerous. A mistake most runners make is dressing up too warm. A combination of a long-sleeve running jersey and tights could be worn when it’s colder. (https://axlnivy.no/collections/sports-bra/Sports-bra)

A thin, wind-resistant running jacket should also be considered. For warmer days, shorts could be worn. Whatever combination is chosen, ensure that the fabric they are made of can allow moisture to be transported from the skin to the outermost garment. (https://axlnivy.no/collections/top)


Sportswear plays a huge role in a player’s success in any sport. For a kid to perform excellently in a sport, the sportswear needs to be comfortable and specifically designed for the particular sport. Depending on your young one’s passion, get them their ideal sportswear. This will help boost their morale and ultimately enhance their performance.